Sideproject: Whitelayers

Status: ACTIVE (2016 -now)


Label: None

Weblinks: Youtube-Channel

∆D: Composition, Sound-Design, Production, Concept, Voice, Artwork

 Whitelayers is the name for my white ambient / healing project. It is completely free and available on Youtube for streaming.

"WhiteLayers brings you the best in ambient music and soundscapes for relaxation, meditation, insomnia, self-healing and overall well-being. Our audio signals are tailored in close relationship with health professionals and spiritual healers. Unique scientific approaches in blending binaural beats with true oscillating textures sets our music apart and gives you an unrivaled deep experience. We´re starting small and encourage you to share our ideas! Help us all to get our race more sensitive and circumspect on all the aspects of nature. We won´t get anywhere without enlightenment. All we can feel, all we can perceive are pulsating waves. Life is energy. Matter is a phenomenon of resonance. Our compositions are based on 432Hz fundamental tuning and often incorporate Schumann resonances through binaural beats or subliminal frequency shifting."


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