20th December, 2014: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: Album released

Here we are - our new CD is finished and released via BelieveDigital so you can download it the next days on all major platforms. Titled "Lifeforms" this album has a special concept inherent. Out there, life is everywhere. You just have to turn your eyes skyward.

From the tiniest membrane weavings inside the string theoretical explanation base to the largest starclusters and beyond:

All is vibrant - all is form - all is spirit.

Follow us on a journey into the point of presence, a homage to creation itself.

Buy on iTunes



9th December, 2014: ∆Dwith Eyes Turned Skyward: Upcoming album "Lifeforms"

After 14 months on the workbench we will release the next ambient milestone in our history called "Lifeforms". Release is scheduled for the 20th of December! More news to follow...




 20th December, 2012: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: 8th album out tonight


Well, that´s what you call a double strike...just in time for the unique constellation, from tonight 23:59 our live album "Live at the Repueblik" will be downloadable on iTunes. Details and links to follow...



December 12, 2012: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: 7th album out now


Album No. 7: Stream of Consciousness. This time, not the sky above is in our focus. With this triple-CD(!!!) release you are guided to your own interpretation of the self, the stream to the inner skies. Strictly speaking, this is no ordinary CD. It´s an extraplanar portal device.

Begin your journey here...



December 11, 2012: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: 7th album will release tomorrow!


On stardate 12-12-12 our new triple-CD(!!!) album "Stream of Consciousness" will be available on iTunes! Details will follow tomorrow...



11th of August 2012 - ∆D´s news for fall 2012


Not the most often updated site on the web...but, hey...yes, it´s still alive like myself (at least I think so). It´s been over a year now since I shutdown my social-media activity on facebook and myspace, yet some unerased info blog here´n there is still accessable. As the web forgets nothing and only ranks news by public demand I still persue my policy of information privacy so I avoid bombing you with newsblogs every hour ;o).

We had a couple of shows with Darkseed in the last weeks and we´re glad to be back on the road, even if the concerts are rather scarce and larger touring plans are currently unrealistic. After the summer break we plan to record at least an EP with our new "voice" Mike and hopefully get to play the long anticipated show in Kiev in November.

My project Eyes Turned Skyward will see the seventh full-length CD release in winter this year, so watch out for news on the upcoming release date.

And where´s my baby? Yes, my new solo album "Second" is still in cradle of creation and I want to share some thoughts with you about it here. You may have witnessed that I first intended the album to be released in 2011 and then postponed the date a few times. How so? Well, I´ve composed enough material for a double-CD release but the main thing I still hold it back is a very personal thing: It just doesn´t feel right now, not right for me. As an artist I´ll ever strive on to refine my work and to cut free the details of my vision. In the last 18 months I retracted from nearly all personal bonds to get my head free of things misleading me. As to the parallel to Nietzsche´s "Zarathustra" I´m still up in the mountains enjoying the time without company. Still the chatter of the masses in the marketplace won´t attract me.




27th of April 2012 - ∆D with Darkseed @ TIC Club (Muehlheim a. d. Ruhr)


On monday the 30th we´ll playing a concert in Muehlheim @ TIC Club. Stay dark, inner circle members...we´ll see you there...




25th of February 2012 - ∆D with Darkseed: Heavywinterstorm


Tonight we´ll be headlining the "Heavywinterstorm-Festival" in Munich. Well, at least the temperatures whisper "spring" in my ear...Anyway, hope to see you there!




11th of November, 2011: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: 6th Album released


On this very special day I´m proud to announce the release of our new album "Solarwind" which is instantly available on iTunes. Other download platforms will follow soon.

Let the constellation be your guiding light.

Buy the album on iTunes




September 26th, 2011: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: Concert in Schweinfurt, Germany

This friday, the 30th of September Eyes Turned Skyward will play a show in Schweinfurt @ Disharmonie. Tickets are available, doors at 20.00.


31st of August, 2011: Ping


--- armindoerfler.com ping statistics ---


1 packet transmitted, 1 packets received, 0.0% packet loss


round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.046/0.073/0.086/0.011 ms


Cogito ergo sum.



6th of June, 2011: Social-network-shutdown


Today I feel that the time for a decision has come. From today on I´ll shutdown my facebook and myspace social network for different reasons. For the ones who care, here are a few words why.


First of, we should be aware that these global acting companies like facebook and many others are storing our personal data and when using these platforms we gain them the legal rights to profit from this data. In near future we will also see commercial movements of these companies with products only few can imagine yet. All the overflow of information leads to an intelligent filtering system for information. These "bots" are fed with information now and when the standard user will face the problem of how to distinguish vital information from spam even in his social network the day has come for these companies to sell us their new "Bots" and "Avatars". These will be our online alter-egos, our information scouts, the nanny of the digital infantiles, and for most of us polished status-symbols in the world of bits and bytes. These lines sound like being taken from different sci-fi movies or worse, but yet in every fiction lies a theoretical future. For myself, I try to form a world which is different from where it tends to lead now.


The information I get everyday when using these networks is mostly unreflected profanatory pseudo-news. Most of the people aren´t even aware the every character they type or every video link they share redundantly is stored information and costs energy and computing power. It´s nothing more than environmental pollution. We could shutdown quite a few power plants if we keep the bullshit for ourselfs.


I think that we´re nearing the parting of the ways. The one who acts responsible for themself and the world and the ones which do not.


In the end, there´s another very personal point for me to cut this line: Very few people contact me directly and consistantly and even fewer get to see me. These chosen ones are called my friends. Real friends.


This website will be updated as usual so you can keep track of my work and passion.


For the ones who want to contact me you can still use my email






May the 4th, 2011: Huh??


Quite a long time without update. Well, still breathing. At last. Certain things keep you busy for a while and not every seed you sow can be harvested in the way it´s planned. Spent the last weeks checking the songs for "Second" so far, tweaking here and there but this baby will still need a while. And reading a whole lot of books kept me from updating the virtual reality. 


With Eyes Turned Skyward I will have a small club-gig on the 18th of June here in Munich, location and more to follow.




February 16, 2011: ∆D with Darkseed: "Poision Awaits" nominated as best Gothic Metal Album 2010


Metalstorm.net nominated our CD as best Gothic Metal album 2010. Please register and vote if you want to support us here!



3rd of February 2011:


The pain returned. After weeks of distraction and imperfect sketches, thrown-away lyric sheets and discarded arrangements my muse found me again. Picture#14 is currently in a rough state but carries all the massive metaphorical parallels needed for the interpretation of my chosen model: One of Albrecht Duerer´s masterpieces, the engraving "Melencolia I". Praise you, fellow one...good to feel you here...we´ll get it whole again...someday...




1st of January 2011:


Thank you all for your mails and well-wishes on new year´s day. Here´s a short snippet called "Distant Bounds". Even if we are scattered all over the planet, and some far beyond, we´re aware of each other. Keep it on.




December 16th, 2010: "Second" flourishes...


Just completed another track for the new album "Second". Strange one this time. Strange days too...will upload an excerpt from the sketch shortly...now get some rest...


...update...no sleep...no mix...no tuning...here you are...


October the 20th, 2010: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: "Distant Impacts" released


We´re proud to present our 5th album release, as usual a 110 minute first-class ticket to space, where darklighted harmonics and tonal transformed emotions melt into sublime fabrics of sound...

'Eyes Turned Skyward' means present, evolution and future in unification. Thoughts and emotions melt into one floating shape, always developing within a free spirit, beyond the limitiation of industry and commerce. 'Eyes Turned Skyward' is more than a transmitter for a new musical flow ... Holistica


The album is available on iTunes and other sites. We like to feature a fresh distribution platform called Bandcamp, where our music is also available as audiophile lossless FLAC format!

Help us wake the world...


10th October 2010: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: "Extracted Skies" released


Our 4th album was released today on iTunes. Find the album here and on other digital distribution platforms. For the ones who are new to Eyes Turned Skyward you can check Bandcamp and listen to the full album!

10 days to go for "Distant Impacts"...



3rd October 2010: Thoughts


...sunny autumn morning, complete incompleteness growing...creeping into my day...sublime yet unignorable...you´re back, my siren, my hydra...and you will take your part...drowning me slowly. It calls me, soft and tender in dreams of unfulfilled connections, reflections...people lost...regret...yet in distance lies a past unrealized, my vision, my love....


September 30th, 2010: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: Release dates


Yeah, the last weeks were quite chaotic. Preparing the Darkseed-Live-Setup for the upcoming shows and rehearsals. Sadly we had to cancel a fixed concert date on 23.10.2010 in Kiev due to logistical problem. Hope to get to you in 2011! And not to mention Oktoberfest in Munich...OMG...


Well, nothing more? Right, I´m happy to announce that there will be TWO CD-releases in the next weeks!


The first release is scheduled for 10.10.2010 and will be named "Extracted Skies". It features 7 great ETS - themes with around 70min material.

The second release will be available on 20.10.2010 and will be named "Distant Impacts". It will feature 4 tracks with over 110min running time.


9th of September 2010: ∆D - New Track on the way

Last night I finished the sketch for "Picture#1". Still a lot of fine tuning here and there to do...will post a sample soon...get some sleep...get it out of my head...eyes forward...


2nd September 2010 - ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: currently finishing 4th album


Summer´s on the leave, sadly. Time to get some new dreamy stuff ready...


25th of July 2010 - armindoerfler.com with 20.000 site-hits


Since its relaunch in April 2009 we counted 20.000 website hits on armindoerfler.com. In times of 500.000 youtube hits per day on nonsense-videos this may seem unimposing but is a very special day for me. I know that my music is too unconventional and unwieldy for the broad public, it´s special stuff for special people. And just because of that I´m extremely pleased to see YOU here. Thank you very much for your support and spiritual resonance.


23rd of July 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: "Poison Awaits" in stores today!!!


"...Today we are celebrating the German release of our long-awaited album “Poison Awaits”. We want to thank all our fans for sticking with and believing in us all those years. Hopefully we can live up to your expectations one more time..."


Signed CDs are available on request, please contact me directly via the social networking accounts!



21st of July 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: 88/100 @ www.Infernalmasquerade.com


"...the band’s combination of catchy electronic beats with powerful guitar riffing is top notch..."



20th of July 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: Darkseed.com website relaunched


After 2 years of hibernation darkseed.com has been given a major overhaul. Only 3 more days to the release of "Poison Awaits", let´s hit it...



13th of July 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: "Poison Awaits" scores 8 of 10 points review @ www.metal.de


hm...maybe someone dares to give us a 10? ;o) 



9th of July 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: "Poison Awaits" scores 8 of 10 points review in RockHard-Magazine




5th of July 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: "Poison Awaits" scores 8 of 10 points review @ www.uselinks.de / Video footage online


As promised we put a small making of teaser on the web. Check it out in the "Darkseed" section to the left.



1st of July 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: "Poison Awaits" scores 9 of 10 points review @ www.reflectionsofdarkness.com


We´re glad to have the first review for "Poison Awaits" here for you. 9 out of 10 points sounds quite promising =).


"...‘Poison Awaits’ is yet another milestone in gothic metal. Everything is pretty great about this album because it is not only an album that can get crowds energized at a concert it also likely to find the music in a metal club somewhere. Something that one can dance or mosh to bears excellent marks. DARKSEED have come a long way sing their 1996 debut, but it is fitting that ten years later their work sounds better. Perhaps earning their new vocalist was the best move for them since his range is excellent and he knows how to emote himself in a gothic metal style that is both fresh, yet expected. The electronic elements are well placed without turning things into techno and the guitars - along with the drums - feature more than enough distortion and heavy chords to make DARKSEED still pretty heavy metal certainly worth checking out for fans of HIM or THE FORESHADOWING..."


In the next days we´re going to release a short teaser video with excerpts from the recording sessions! 



30th of June 2010 - ∆DNew Trackinfo on "First"


15 minutes early, but here´s the 10th track from the ∆D album "First". You can find it in the section to the left.




24th of June 2010 - ∆DNew Trackinfo on "First" / section update imminent


Summer solstice passed and we´re approaching the dark side again. On the 1st of July I will update the trackinfo for another song from "First". As usual the track will be free for listening in full length. Check the left menu for "Track 10 - Frozen motions". Hope you enjoy this one.



10th of June 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: Mastertape arrived @ Massacre Records


This morning the Master Tape of "Poison Awaits" arrived at our Record Company Massacre Records. We got an exeptional feedback!


"...Mastering finished: "Poison Awaits" Mastertape arrived this morning at Massacre Records- Overwhelming echo, reporting this to be the best Darkseed album ever. First interview dates with leading german metal-magazines already confirmed..."


Stay tuned for some "behind the scenes" videoclips / footage to be released here in the next weeks!




 6th of June 2010 - ∆D with Darkseed: Mixing / Final State 


Yesterday was the last day mixing the upcoming Darkseed CD. Can´t wait to get the mastering done...



30th May 2010 - ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: Live Gig @ The Re:pueblik, Munich, Germany 


 With the beginning of Phase2 Eyes Turned Skyward starts a series of small club / open-air concerts in southern Germany. Due to unpredictable weather conditions the concert location for the show is moved to the "Re:pueblik". Hope to see you later on and keep your eyes turned skyward.



22nd of April 2010 - ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: New CD released!


Eyes Turned Skyward´s 3rd CD release is out! Called "Red Pill" the album is available on iTunes, find the link in the next days here!


What to expect this time?


"Verklärtheit, Elektronie, Grenzchaos...electronic fusion in unification" 


Any questions? =)





6th of April 2010 - Here´s Picture#3... 


Another one lost another one found...


Today I finished another track for the next album. Picture#3 is a gloomy and athmospheric piece inspired by the painting of Bianca Bach titled "In der Zwischenwelt".

Check out her website and have a look at her gorgeous, unique style of painting. 




4th of April 2010 - Picture#3 layout finished


The track will be featured here shortly, it still needs to be polished...a quite muddy gem from the rock of time...


31st of March 2010 - New Trackinfo on "First" / section update imminent


Find the trackinfo for "Space Fatalities" (Track 09 on the ∆D album "First") as well as the complete track free for listening here at midnight.



26th of March 2010 - Back from Musikmesse / Pro Light & Sound Trade Fair


Promoting Eyes Turned Skyward on this year´s Musikmesse topped our expectations. With a bunch of new ideas and partners we´re happy to start into a new phase of our project.




23st of March 2010 - Googlewave account and Facebook group online


Time goes by and it seems that fan-forums will soon be a relict of the past. With the new tool from google (wave) there´s the next step coming, a personal multichat/messenger/mail/blog/forum-hybrid. For a direct contact you can add the ∆D account to your wave.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


A small ∆D discussion forum in the classical form is on facebook, check the link to the left.



11th March 2010 -  weeks?? months??? here´s Pic#2...


Feeling pain has at least the benefit of driving the creativity. I just overdubbed and cut my drumrecording, so faster than expected here is the roughmix of "Picture#2".

This piece is quite a bit lighter than my usual stuff, promising, uplifting and hopeful and bears one of the sweetest haunting themes since "Celia"... tell me if you find it =)




09th March 2010 -  2 new Pictures...


Gathering the raw material for "Second" is quite effective these days while the winter melts away, leaving the snow with a crumpling grey disease. I also laid out the first themes and tracks, yet only 2-3 minutes per piece which is normal in this composing stage. Over the next weeks and months I will let them flourish, hopefully =).



5th March 2010 - Next "Eyes Turned Skyward" Release imminent


Be prepared for the next "Eyes Turned Skyward" album to be released in the next weeks! In the meanwhile you can watch our new pre-release teaser clips on www.eyesturnedskyward.de !



2nd February 2010 - Time to move on


Every now and then it´s time to clean the studio up a bit. So I´m just selling some of my old EMU E4X Samplers, Roland and Oberheim Synths on ebay. Goodbye old friends, find a new home...



18th of January 2010 - Synth- Audio-Clips from the upcoming Darkseed album


Here are a few Synth-parts from the upcoming Darkseed album, your first chance to get an idea of what we´re working on...but don´t focus on the Drums and Guitars, they´re only guide tracks...



15th of January 2010 - Synth and Keyboardarrangements for upcoming Darkseed CD finished


Today I finished the layouts of the Synth and Keyboardtracks for the new album. Just a few parts and minor add-ons will be done next week. This time we will have some nice unisono parts together with Tom´s lead guitar giving the classic Darkseed sound a new kick in a more technical direction. Not as much sound FX as on the last CD but a little more live-feel will do the thing =). Here are some "behind the scene" pics of working environment...



10th of January 2010 - Eyes Turned Skyward - Cosmodrome available on Oszillation and iTunes 


It seems that our guys at iTunes had similar new-year-problems as well, but finally the new "Eyes Turned Skyward" album "Cosmodrome" is available! You can purchase it here. And never forget, keep your eyes turned skyward.... 




1st of January 2010 - Severe hangover


Only minor site updates today [∞). 



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