11th of November, 2011: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: 6th Album released


On this very special day I´m proud to announce the release of our new album "Solarwind" which is instantly available on iTunes. Other download platforms will follow soon.

Let the constellation be your guiding light.

Buy the album on iTunes




September 26th, 2011: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: Concert in Schweinfurt, Germany

This friday, the 30th of September Eyes Turned Skyward will play a show in Schweinfurt @ Disharmonie. Tickets are available, doors at 20.00.


31st of August, 2011: Ping


--- armindoerfler.com ping statistics ---


1 packet transmitted, 1 packets received, 0.0% packet loss


round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.046/0.073/0.086/0.011 ms


Cogito ergo sum.



6th of June, 2011: Social-network-shutdown


Today I feel that the time for a decision has come. From today on I´ll shutdown my facebook and myspace social network for different reasons. For the ones who care, here are a few words why.


First of, we should be aware that these global acting companies like facebook and many others are storing our personal data and when using these platforms we gain them the legal rights to profit from this data. In near future we will also see commercial movements of these companies with products only few can imagine yet. All the overflow of information leads to an intelligent filtering system for information. These "bots" are fed with information now and when the standard user will face the problem of how to distinguish vital information from spam even in his social network the day has come for these companies to sell us their new "Bots" and "Avatars". These will be our online alter-egos, our information scouts, the nanny of the digital infantiles, and for most of us polished status-symbols in the world of bits and bytes. These lines sound like being taken from different sci-fi movies or worse, but yet in every fiction lies a theoretical future. For myself, I try to form a world which is different from where it tends to lead now.


The information I get everyday when using these networks is mostly unreflected profanatory pseudo-news. Most of the people aren´t even aware the every character they type or every video link they share redundantly is stored information and costs energy and computing power. It´s nothing more than environmental pollution. We could shutdown quite a few power plants if we keep the bullshit for ourselfs.


I think that we´re nearing the parting of the ways. The one who acts responsible for themself and the world and the ones which do not.


In the end, there´s another very personal point for me to cut this line: Very few people contact me directly and consistantly and even fewer get to see me. These chosen ones are called my friends. Real friends.


This website will be updated as usual so you can keep track of my work and passion.


For the ones who want to contact me you can still use my email






May the 4th, 2011: Huh??


Quite a long time without update. Well, still breathing. At last. Certain things keep you busy for a while and not every seed you sow can be harvested in the way it´s planned. Spent the last weeks checking the songs for "Second" so far, tweaking here and there but this baby will still need a while. And reading a whole lot of books kept me from updating the virtual reality. 


With Eyes Turned Skyward I will have a small club-gig on the 18th of June here in Munich, location and more to follow.




February 16, 2011: ∆D with Darkseed: "Poision Awaits" nominated as best Gothic Metal Album 2010


Metalstorm.net nominated our CD as best Gothic Metal album 2010. Please register and vote if you want to support us here!



3rd of February 2011:


The pain returned. After weeks of distraction and imperfect sketches, thrown-away lyric sheets and discarded arrangements my muse found me again. Picture#14 is currently in a rough state but carries all the massive metaphorical parallels needed for the interpretation of my chosen model: One of Albrecht Duerer´s masterpieces, the engraving "Melencolia I". Praise you, fellow one...good to feel you here...we´ll get it whole again...someday...




1st of January 2011:


Thank you all for your mails and well-wishes on new year´s day. Here´s a short snippet called "Distant Bounds". Even if we are scattered all over the planet, and some far beyond, we´re aware of each other. Keep it on.



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