20th December, 2012: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: 8th album out tonight


Well, that´s what you call a double strike...just in time for the unique constellation, from tonight 23:59 our live album "Live at the Repueblik" will be downloadable on iTunes. Details and links to follow...



December 12, 2012: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: 7th album out now


Album No. 7: Stream of Consciousness. This time, not the sky above is in our focus. With this triple-CD(!!!) release you are guided to your own interpretation of the self, the stream to the inner skies. Strictly speaking, this is no ordinary CD. It´s an extraplanar portal device.

Begin your journey here...



December 11, 2012: ∆D with Eyes Turned Skyward: 7th album will release tomorrow!


On stardate 12-12-12 our new triple-CD(!!!) album "Stream of Consciousness" will be available on iTunes! Details will follow tomorrow...



11th of August 2012 - ∆D´s news for fall 2012


Not the most often updated site on the web...but, hey...yes, it´s still alive like myself (at least I think so). It´s been over a year now since I shutdown my social-media activity on facebook and myspace, yet some unerased info blog here´n there is still accessable. As the web forgets nothing and only ranks news by public demand I still persue my policy of information privacy so I avoid bombing you with newsblogs every hour ;o).

We had a couple of shows with Darkseed in the last weeks and we´re glad to be back on the road, even if the concerts are rather scarce and larger touring plans are currently unrealistic. After the summer break we plan to record at least an EP with our new "voice" Mike and hopefully get to play the long anticipated show in Kiev in November.

My project Eyes Turned Skyward will see the seventh full-length CD release in winter this year, so watch out for news on the upcoming release date.

And where´s my baby? Yes, my new solo album "Second" is still in cradle of creation and I want to share some thoughts with you about it here. You may have witnessed that I first intended the album to be released in 2011 and then postponed the date a few times. How so? Well, I´ve composed enough material for a double-CD release but the main thing I still hold it back is a very personal thing: It just doesn´t feel right now, not right for me. As an artist I´ll ever strive on to refine my work and to cut free the details of my vision. In the last 18 months I retracted from nearly all personal bonds to get my head free of things misleading me. As to the parallel to Nietzsche´s "Zarathustra" I´m still up in the mountains enjoying the time without company. Still the chatter of the masses in the marketplace won´t attract me.




27th of April 2012 - ∆D with Darkseed @ TIC Club (Muehlheim a. d. Ruhr)


On monday the 30th we´ll playing a concert in Muehlheim @ TIC Club. Stay dark, inner circle members...we´ll see you there...




25th of February 2012 - ∆D with Darkseed: Heavywinterstorm


Tonight we´ll be headlining the "Heavywinterstorm-Festival" in Munich. Well, at least the temperatures whisper "spring" in my ear...Anyway, hope to see you there!



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