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September 1st, 2017: New Album online


Find my newest album in the section SIDEPROJECTS > KLANGFREQUENZEN

Minimalistic, dissonant clusters - step sequenced patterns and hypnotic noise bursts are typical for their category of dark ambient works. Raw and untamed, unpredictable and nonconformist in attitude and opus. For those who dare.



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February 9th, 2017: Mixing upcoming release

As mentioned before I´m getting the tracks of the new Synthpop-Crossover mixed, can´t wait to get it finalized!



January 9th, 2017: Website redesign

After 9 years online and with over 178.000 hits the website is next for a redesign on a stable platform. So I spent the last days going through the old articles and will update them to the new design. You can listen to the tracks via the links to BandCamp and also on my YouTube Channel.


10th of December, 2016: New project in production

Besides working on tracks for the next "Eyes Turned Skyward" release this year went on with some serious efforts focussed on a new project: It´s a crossover of electronic and synthpop influences mixed together with some classic songwriting schemes.


12th of June, 2016: New ambient / healing project "Whitelayers" release

Today I released the first track of my new ambient / healing project "Whitelayers" on youtube!

Relaxation & Meditation - 01 - Alpha Wave Generators


October 14, 2015: ∆D album "Second" is available on all major distribution platforms.

I recommend getting the album in lossless format (FLAC encoded) via this link on bandcamp.

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