Eyes Turned Skyward




Status: ACTIVE (2009 - now)

Releases: Border Worlds (2009), Cosmodrome (18.12.2009), Red Pill (22.04.2010), Extracted Skies (10.10.2010), Distant Impacts (20.10.2010), Solarwind (11.11.2011), Stream of Consciousness (12.12.2012), Live at the "Repueblik" (20.12.2012), Lifeforms (20.12.2014)

Label: Oszillation 

Weblinks: www.eyesturnedskyward.de

Social-Networking: www.myspace.com/etskywardTwitter

∆D: Keyboards, Electronics, Sound-Design, Production, Concept, Voice, Artwork

'Eyes Turned Skyward' was launched in spring 2009 by the artists Matthias Köhler (Sal Ban), Markus Lindwurm (Cygnotic Realm) and Armin Dörfler (AD), forming a new era in electronic music.

Normally electronic music is build up step by step completely within the computer, resulting in a more static interaction with the listener. The audience is used to that all along because of these microtimed repeated loops. 'Eyes Turned Skyward' seperates intentionally from these preprogrammed schemes and faces a new freedom of improvisation beyond borders. Transfigured, electric, ambient, romantic, spaced out ... electronic fusion in unification.

Darklighted harmonics and tonal transformed emotions melt into sublime fabrics of sound. Sometimes fragile and sensitive like a comet's tail melting through solar winds, then driven back from the depths of cerebral darkness to the euphoric light of awareness. Soundharmonics that open the gates and impart a transfigured vision into eternalness.

All three musicians are bound together by the affection of creating sounds and harmonics. Beyond their individual interpretations the moment is blended together into a coherent trinity philosophy. Sound itself means more than a thousand words, emotions more than myriads of thoughts...

'Eyes Turned Skyward' means present, evolution and future in unification. Thoughts and emotions melt into one floating shape, always developing within a free spirit, beyond the limitiation of industry and commerce. '

Eyes Turned Skyward' is more than a transmitter for a new musical flow ... Holistica - "The whole is more than the sum of its parts"

'Eyes Turned Skyward' - that means to connect with the source ...
Every live session is unique and not to repeat that way ... naturally, because the moment of playing is unique also. We just allow to let us lead by something 'inbetween' consciousness and trance ... open-minded for the moment of possibility of interaction between our triad ... reaching places never visited before ... just possible within the trinity. Free in creation, without rules and schemes ... pure, unaltered, pristine ... native ... just with our eyes turned skyward!

Album #1: Border Worlds

'Border Worlds' is a 92 minute live 'mind-soundtrack' imaging the 3 inner Jupiter Moons: Io, Europa & Ganymed. A captured live constellation; unpolished, authentic and unique in it's moment ... well actually that's the characteristic of every ETS-Track.


Album #2: Cosmodrome


Album #3Red Pill


Album #4: Extracted Skies

Our 4th release is for the newbies. Here you can get a grip of some of the most catchy "songs"...errr....moments...from our triad. Short enough for the lunchbreak but with all the ingredients ETS is made of. Interwoven harmonic structures and constant motion, evolving into an unknown state of sound. Ride the wave, feel the resonance.


Album #5: Distant Impacts

For the ones who venture beyond the within.


Album #6: Solarwind 

Let the constellation be your guiding light.


Album #7: Stream of Consciousness

This time, not the sky above is in our focus. With this triple-CD(!!!) release you are guided to your own interpretation of the self, the stream to the inner skies. This is no CD. It´s an extraplanar portal device.


Album #8: Live at the "Repueblik"

Album #9: Lifeforms

This album has a special concept inherent. Out there, life is everywhere. You just have to turn your eyes skyward. From the tiniest membrane weavings inside the string theoretical explanation base to the largest starclusters and beyond: All is vibrant - all is form - all is spirit. Follow us on a journey into the point of presence, a homage to creation itself.


ETS - Booklet Art

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