Sideproject: DARKSEED

Status: INACTIVE (2000 - 2015)

Releases: Astral Adventures (2003), Ultimate Darkness (2005), Poison Awaits (2010)

Label: Massacre Records

Weblinks: www.darkseed.com

Social Networking: www.myspace.com/darkseedband

∆D: Keyboards, Electronics, Sound-Design, Songwriting, Lyrics, Production



Germany’s Gothic metal veterans are back – but recent years have seen lots of exciting changes for the band. Obviously matured and without giving in to the pressure of the trend-oriented music industry Darkseed continue their journey in 2010 to the next exciting chapter of their universal darkness.The seed had been sown in 1992 by Stefan Hertrich and Harald Winkler when the first demo (“Sharing the Grave”) was released: After the 2nd demo “Darksome Thoughts”, their mini-CD “Romantic Tales“ (Invasion Records, 1994) and the first full album “Midnight Solemnly Dance (Serenades Records, 1996) they sparked interest at Nuclear Blast Record and got signed: The albums “Spellcraft” (1997) and “Give me light” (1999) meant the conclusion of the band’s early stage of development.
Tours all over Europe triggered off the next phase in Darkseed’s evolution which finally led to “Diving into Darkness”, their extremely successful 2000 release which meant an immense step forward for the band: they had journeyed from the romantic and dreamy darkness of the early years into the heaviness of a new black millennium. Atmospheric electronic sounds entered the mix of distinctive guitars, bloody reality, dark poetry and isolated darkness. In 2003 Darkseed threw a spiritual glance at their black world with “Astral Adventures”, an album composed with an emotional sensitiveness contrary to the prevailing zeitgeist of bands trying to sound modern at all costs. In 2005 they returned with a double strike: “Ultimate Darkness” (Massacre Records) perfected the unique blend of emotional directness and depth which had provided the band with a loyal fan base worldwide.After Darkseed’s mastermind Stefan Hertrich had left the band the media was once again tempted to announce the end of an era. But chances come from within. Having matured both stylistically and personally by cooperating with outstanding artists such as Harold Faltermeyer (soundtrack for the blockbuster game “Two Worlds”, 2007), side projects such as “Shiva in Exile” (awarded “best new age /world album in 2004) and various solo releases of the individual musicians, the core members (Tom Gilcher – guitars, Armin Doerfler – keyboards, Maurizio Guolo – drums) around guitarist and studio mastermind Thomas Herrmann stayed together during the last decade. Completed by Darkseed’s co-founder Harald Winkler on vocals and Michael Behnke (Eisbrecher) on bass, the band made things hum and started working on their latest album. The songwriting and recording process was allowed more room, the production was once again completed by Tomas Herrmann in the
band’s own studio.This development resulted in 2010’s Massacre Records release “Poison Awaits”, probably the most eclectic Darkseed release to date. Breaking out of Gothic metal’s limiting genre trademarks, the band portrays what the dark seed is made of in 2010 and impressively shows the matured Gothic the way from the band’s roots to their own interpretation of black bloom.
Stylistically more open-minded, more longing and multidimensional than in the past, but as usual full of metaphors and images between the dull present and emotional vision.Recent circumstances demanded Harry Winkler to be recplaced by the new vocalist Mike Schmutzer, which means another person taking care of Darkseeds roots and further improvement.In this line up, the songwriting for the next album has yet begun…

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