Plain simple his initials AD were chosen as the trademark of composer Armin Doerfler for his artistic releases.

He´s no commercially constructed media icon with intenionally flat and easy to grab surface, he´s neither DJ nor remixer in the EDM music scene but classically trained musician passionate in creating synthetic compositions from childhood on.

Plain simple, because sculpturing authentic emotions and thoughts don´t need a disguise.

His music builds on sonic transparency and simplicity in style - but creates a cool tenseness, a nearly tangible style beyond the commercial EDM:
Crude machinelike beats from the industrial core of the 80ies get combined with dreamy melodies, woven into the rich sonic walls of his synthetic arrangements - easy to access, comprehensible but refined and carefully balanced like a clockwork in detail.


Music-Postman® wrote:

„AD delivers a full synthetic blast of carefully crafted 80ies-style electronica: Spherical, gloomy, post-industrial. A true milestone for a new genre of empathetic instrumental music.

A meditative journey into a darkromantic, yet cold and futuristic artificial world of duality, isolation and longing. Raw and simple in speech but rich of content, with enough room to let you reflect your inner world while listening.“

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